Ann Van Beirendonck


The use of Shakti-energy is a Siddhi or gift that Ann applies in her daily work as a therapist.
Working with this gift demands a yearlong training of meditation and mental, emotional and physical discipline. You have to be able to consciously open and close yourself to make contact with the transcendent and send this divine Shakti-energy with a loving heart that is able to discover the divine in every person. By Ann’s own ‘Being’ she can attract cosmic energy and aim it at someone ‘to become whole’ again. ??This oriental approach is based on a long-time study and stay with personal Masters and Rishi’s in India, where Ann received insight and education regarding Tibetan pulse diagnosis, ayurvedic medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy.?

A Shakti-healing offers a feeling of being reborn and enriches a person with insight and positive feedback that strengthens, heals and encourages him towards a fuller, more loving and harmonious life.


"We are spiritual beings with human experiences and not the other way around."

After her visits to India it took another 10 years before Ann started a practice as a therapist. She wanted to take upon the studies of ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan wrist-diagnosis and naturopathy first. She studied man in his cosmic wholeness in which divine vertical and horizontal human laws can perfectly merge.
"Horizontal laws include culture, material things, environmental circumstances, in short all earthly matters that preoccupy man in his daily life. The vertical universal laws work beyond and in our consciousness. But we cannot tamper with them. These laws can only melt together when a person opens up to his own spirituality. We may never lose sight of the fact that we are spiritual beings with human experiences and not vice versa ! Fortunately a lot of people nowadays already live more consciously and are more open to spirituality."
Ann gives lectures on spirituality and aura’s. She answers questions on life-issues and offers everyone an individual approach.

"When someone consults me, I talk to him while I tune in to his aura. In that way I can observe blockades or look for any imbalance of the 3 main axes. By means of healing, homeopathy and counselling I try to bring the whole person back into harmony, so he can feel free and happy again.”

The future

"The fear of change inhibits people the most to develop their inner soul. They are stuck in patterns that do not always coincide with their aura’s. One of the main malefactor in this case is the upbringing of a person: like father like son, like mother like daughter. Unconsciously we pick up certain habits, tricks and routines that later need to be revised because they no longer fit our changed individual way of life. Changing an engrained life-style brings out fear and anxiety in people. And fear paralyses, it kills every form of creativity and cuts us off from our divine energy- source."

Ann’s love for people and her profound trust in the divine source of all creation reflect in her art work and are her "drive in life". Psychic gifted people are often vulnerable and introvert. They tend to experience and deal with trials and sufferings in silence. Ann’s no exception to that. A lot of mystic observations go past all common sense, understanding and intellect. If you try to put those experiences into words, you always diminish the facts since there are often no words. That’s why it took Ann some time to show her paintings to a broader audience. For about ten years now she has started giving exhibitions on a regular basis.
The works of Ann Van Beirendonck bear a mystical, enchanting tension that warms and captures the heart.

Aura reading

"When I talk about the aura of a person, I refer to an individual moment shared between the observer and the observed person and in which different emotions, physical and psychological qualities of the latter are enlightened and reflected in colours as well as symbols.Certain trials and sufferings, physical discomfort and the emotional attitude of that person become visible. An authentic aura-reading approaches the person from a total viewpoint and captures a person in his true being. Everyone is unique, no 2 similar people exist and therefore you can never find 2 identical aura’s. You can read up different theories on aura’s, but you can never make generalisations.

As I have already said every person is unique in all the aspects of his being and should always be considered as such. In this regard the red colour that you can often find around the lowest chakra, may surround the head in some cases. Red points to sexual energy, but it can also reflect power and aggression. Blue stands for mental and rational energy and communication and yellow for the higher spiritual energy and soul-content. The location of all symbols, colours, energy-piles and light sparks have a different meaning. When someone is in love you can observe 3 shades of red, yellow and blue in shiny and bright pastel colours. A depressed or frightened person shows a totally different colour-pattern : the blue energy and the yellow spiritual colours are far apart and too far removed from the body, there’s hardly any contact between both. The aura of a person knows an infinite variety of colours, patterns and symbols. Therefore getting to know new people becomes exciting and fascinating and reminds us to keep an open mind towards one another.