Background Ann Van Beirendonck

"Painting from the Spirit is like an archer who never misses his target" ?
Meeting Ann Van Beirendonck means embracing a world of creative mysticism, authenticity and enthusiasm.
She studied art academy and photography.
For 10 years she was the head of an renowned publicity-agency until she wanted to pursue her main and inner goal of being an ‘artist of life’.
She uses her inborn psychic gift to take the spectator behind the scene of another reality and let him cross the bridge between heaven and earth...

What is a spiritual artist?
"Everything that lives is surrounded and penetrated by colourful, moving energies that can be seen through the “third eye”. That is what I try to express on canvas. I try to awake the cosmic consciousness of people by making them a part of another dimension, but only if they are willing to look with an unprejudiced eye and an open heart. In this way nature reveals its wonders in a splendour of colours, powerful, yet tender, subtle and touching.?That’s why I am in awe of Gods Creation.?Every season has its own wonders and invites us to take a pause and inhale its beauty. It’s often hard – almost impossible – to express the different shades correctly. You can only do justice to nature’s simplicity by approximation.?Nature is the image of pure divine creativity and a source of inspiration and rest. Therefore when I paint landscapes I not only want to capture the beauty of a scenery, but also accentuate the experience of something sublime."
??Ann has created her own style of painting. She mostly uses acrylic paint and watercolours. In her aura-portraits she works with different techniques to reflect the symbols and colours of the person’s aura.?The figurative scenes always refer to a cosmic source that makes the world go round and the sparkling colour- and light-effects make this abundantly clear.?Ann creates art that touches the spectator innerly and opens him up to the spiritual dimension behind the seeming reality of our every day life.?And that’s exactly what this artist is after: creating art that touches the soul.

The automatic writing that Ann receives through meditation is often found in her paintings and reflects the universal, deeper knowledge that is still hidden, but will be revealed when the time is right for it.  
?"A painting goes through different stages before it is finished. ?First I linger on a subject until I really get inspired and the subject takes form, colour and sound. ?Previous to this moment I always meditate in silence and surrender myself to my Higher Self. In that way I feel inspired from Above. Such an experience always results in “painting from the spirit”. ?I never paint just to paint, but always for somebody. The destination of each work is already known on an astral level and that always makes me very curious to know who will pick up which painting... ?So far it has put me in contact with a lot of interesting people.

Ann’s love for people and her profound trust in the divine source of all creation reflect in her art work and are her "drive in life". ?Psychic gifted people are often vulnerable and introvert. They tend to experience and deal with trials and sufferings in silence. Ann’s no exception to that. A lot of mystic observations go past all common sense, understanding and intellect. If you try to put those experiences into words, you always diminish the facts since there are often no words. ??The works of Ann Van Beirendonck bear a mystical, enchanting tension that warms and captures the heart.

Also the composition of Lute-music and Piano sonates shows out her creative talent.

Ann Van Beirendonck is by all means a visionary artist who can bring spiritualism and mysticism to life on canvas.
You can always expect a sparkling exhibition of this versatile artist.