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Ann was the head of a renowned publicity-agency for 12 years until she wanted to pursue her main and inner goal of being an “artist of life”.

Rishi” and “yogi” might sound familiar to anyone who has a sneaking fondness for India. The word ‘Rishi’ is Sanskrit and is used to describe a visionary philosopher or seer.
Ann may use that title after a lifelong devotion to Kriya-yoga and meditation.
It’s only through meditation that you can achieve a deeper understanding and insight. Ann gives proof of her visions in her paintings with a heart-warming simplicity and sparkling colours.

A visionary often has a higher level of consciousness and intellectual capacities.
Ann is no exception to that. She can see the aura or moving colour-patterns surrounding people, which are indeed only perceptible by the trained eye of a person with psychic abilities. It may sound strange, but you can actually only see 35% of a person.
The other 65% that adds to his complete picture, is not visible unless you can look into the astral and energetic field that surrounds him. Someone who possesses such a gift or siddhi can only use it for the common good of mankind.

A ‘siddhi’ involves a spiritual or psychic power that has no negative side-effects if you can handle it properly. These spiritual abilities usually vary from relatively simple forms of clairvoyance to the art of levitation, the manifestation of objects, having access to the memories of previous lives etc.
Clairvoyance is often associated with ‘predicting the future’, a common but rather one-sided viewpoint regarding this phenomenon.
Clairvoyance can be perceived on many levels, each fulfilling a very special function. In this way Ann can see aura’s or energy-fields that surround people.
She’s also got an infallible intuition, a sort of sixth sense that never lets her down. To sharpen this sixth sense she studied different religions and philosophies, uncovered the esoteric background of the bible and deepened her knowledge of astrology, meditation and yoga.

She recalls:
"At the age of seven I discovered that I could see moving colour-patterns surrounding people. My class-mates or children my age didn’t have similar experiences, so I found it hard to connect to them.
Yet as any other child I felt the need to be accepted, so I buried these psychic abilities as far away as possible.
It wasn’t until years later while I was glancing through a local magazine called ‘Wereldwijd’ that I came across a picture of a boeddha surrounded by the 7 chakra’s. The forms and colours totally connected with my perception as well.
And at that moment I felt a sense of home-coming for the first time. My observations and experiences had a right to exist ! Based upon this discovery I went looking for more answers..."

Visiting Indian Masters
At the age of 23 Ann left for India where she followed several courses of meditation and Kriya-yoga supervised by swami’s and Rishi yogi’s. She received an individual training in spiritual and esoteric sciences. She regularly returns there to “recharge her batteries” as she says.

"In India I came into touch with my psychic abilities as a reality.
The colours I saw, the different patterns around people, the reason why I could see beyond the normal eye, the many spiritual questions I had, everything that was a secret part of me, was now openly talked about without prejudice, but with an acceptance and self-evidence that was heart-warming. People there had similar experiences, recognised and confirmed my story and acknowledged me for who I really was. Believe me, the feeling of being able to be truly yourself is liberating as well as moving.

Before my journey to India I had never found anyone to talk to about “the hidden world” I was familiar with. I kept a lot to myself and let the others do the talking.
By gaining more self-confidence and insight into this intangible mystical world and its messages, I learned to transform my silence into my paintings and holistic therapy."
Ann gives lectures on spirituality and aura’s she answers questions on life – issues and offers everyone an individual approach.