Pure Light – PIANO - Ann Van Beirendonck

Intuitive music is automatically generated, as if created out of the ether itself. The musician opens up to the moment. Feelings, thoughts and heart synchronise with the instrument: one pure unification.

The world of Light or the astral world resonates with Ann through meditation. She mediates between man, instrument and the world of Light. This world of Light comprises frequencies, sounds, colours and radiation.

Angels and masters guide her in her work as a therapist, painter and musician.
When you frequently listen and your cells resonate with the timbre of the piano, you will have an experience beyond words and thoughts.

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Why this CD: PURE-LIGHT?

AvB: “For me, this music mustn’t get lost. Years ago, I received the request from a creature of Light to bring these melodies to people. These tracks are not transcribed into scores. They’re merely intuitive, direct and created at the very spot. It’s important for people to take up these frequencies, melodies, sounds and colours, that they resonate with their body to benefit from it.”

Ann’s piano music vibrates at 432 Hertz (Hertz = vibration per second). The Old Masters and Wise Visionaries already called this frequency the divine key to heaven. It’s in perfect harmony with our Planet, our cells and the spheres of heaven.

“When you just listen to this music and you let the vibes, harmonies and sounds do their work in resonance with your chakras, you’ll undergo a priceless healing.”

Good luck and many blessings! Shanti Shakti Om

Yogini Lakshsmi, Ann VB